Irisys Module

Face recognition Module (ZF-3)

· Resolving battery drain issues (low power usage)
 - Solving the operating power problem, the biggest issue of existing proximity sensors
 - 30mA consumption when recognizing a 50cm distance object
 - Existing proximity sensor's biggest weakness: Cannot be used in battery-based equipment due to high power consumption

· Application: Safe, door lock, security, access control, industrial equipment etc.


Operation Condition

Operating Voltage

Operating Current

Infrared Wavelength

Sensing Distance

Pin Map

Motion Sensor Module (TS-1)

Temperature: -40⁰C ~ 85⁰C

Humidity(RH): 80%


2.3uA ~ 45uA


100mm ~1,000mm

+ 3.3V VCC


Output terminal input terminal

input terminal

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