Irisys Module

Iris recognition camera Module (S3)

· Iris Recognition Distance: 40 ~ 80cm

· Multi-function Iris Scanner for both eyes

· Connectable with all host terminal with integrated USB port.

· Iris Recognition: Less than 1 second. 

· Comply with International Standard (ISO 19794-6)

· Application: Biometric System (Access Control System, Manpower Management, Security, Door-lock, Safe Box, etc.,)


Power Voltage

Operation Voltage

Output Image

Iris camera

Module Size (mm)

Storing Temperature

Operation Temperature

Use distance

Iris recognition camera Module S3

Normal Voltage: 5V

Min Voltage: 4.5V

Max Voltage: 5.5V

USB Video Class (MJPEG, YUY2, H264)

2M Pixel

55.0(W) x 20.00(D) x 30.24 (H)

-20℃ ~ +85 ℃

-10 ℃ ~ +70 ℃

16mm, 25mm Lens

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