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Iris recognition Solution
​Server Based Access Control System

Server PC

Managing Program

Communication (TCP/IP)

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The managing program installed on the server PC inter-connects with multiple access control system to execute access control and other additional functions.

Control of multiple access control system


- The access control system is connected by real time communication (TCP/IP) making it possible to control even without the 


-Each different access control system can be selected for users with access.

Multiple languages are supported


- Korean/English is supported in Unicode form.

Various authentication factors are supported


- Iris authentication, PIN, Card (RFID)

Managing function of various user information


- Various information and photos can be registered

- Main authentication information (iris, face) registering devices (access control system or PC camera) can be selected

Access control record can be checked with specific condition and be exported


Supports mass storage database (Postgre SQL)


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