We are creating the future of the smart world, by using the most refined and sophisticated biometric recognition technology.

The Company has been established since February 2012. Since then, we have put in a great deal of R&D effort to provide develop the consumer oriented products with the easiest and most convenient access usability.
The core value of the biometric iris recognition is based on the biometric fuzzy hashing software algorithms with high resolution specialized IR camera to extract the iris data. Our products feature the advanced encryption/decryption technology that would protect personal data from hacking or breaching. As a result of continuous R&D effort, we have acquired the international industry standard, FIDO U2F and UAF certifications in December 2016 and January 2017 respectively.

We have three product units, including Product Biz, Module Biz and Solution Biz. The Product Biz focuses on the consumer related products such as iris security based USB memory stick and OTP (One Time Password). The Module Biz consists of smart home (door locks), safe box, fin tech related module, including ATM, CD, POS and other financial devices. And lastly, the solution Biz focuses on global smartphone manufacturers for licensing out of our advanced software algorithm solution.

Our clientele come from various continents including Europe, Middle East, Asia and Korea. The Company is seeking aggressively potential customers worldwide.